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USA TODAY (via The Arizona Republic, 12/5/16) reported this week that “Americans are eating more fish, but not enough”.  At least in Phoenix, Ocean Prime Seafoods is proud to be a part of this rising trend!

Kim Painter reported that the average American eats 15.5 pounds of fish a year, continuing a 3 year rise.  However, this amounts to only one 4 oz. serving a week.  The American Heart Association recommends 2 fish meals a week, so the average American is only eating 1/2 or less of what they should, and only 10% are eating the recommended amount.

The article goes on to discuss the common fears of seafood:

  • Mercury:  4 high mercury types to avoid, especially for pregnant women and children, are tilefish, shark, swordfish, and king mackerel (Ocean Prime Seafoods sells none of these.)    Albacore tuna is debatable as to its danger, mercury-wise, so should be limited to 6 oz. a week.  (Ocean Prime Seafoods sells ahi tuna rather than albacore tuna, so again, not on the high mercury list.)
  • Environment:  US fisheries have made significant progress in managing fish stock to avoid overfishing.
  • Farmed fish:  conditions at fish farms have improved, and less to worry about (but Ocean Prime Seafoods sells wild caught seafood for your benefit).
  • Cooking:  cooking fish is easy, but just unknown for some, and so it scares some away.  Ocean Prime Seafoods is proud to show our customers how to cook all our products, and get great results, so you want to come back for more!!

Overall, the message is EAT MORE FISH, and get it from Ocean Prime Seafoods for high quality, reasonably priced seafood!