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Ocean Prime Seafoods SCALLOPS are tantalizingly delicious and easy to prepare.  So here is a fast, can’t miss recipe for you to try:

1.  Thaw a bag (approx. 1 lb) of Ocean Prime Seafoods brand Scallops

2. Open and pour off any liquid that occurred during the thawing process

3.  Get a jar of your favorite pasta sauce.

[We use Greg Carlaccio’s Vodka Cream Sauce, www.carlacciobrandfoods.com, which is amazing.  Greg usually has a booth at the farmer’s market where Ocean Prime Seafoods goes, so you can get your scallops and sauce at the same time.  Add bread for the full meal deal, from Baker Thirteen, www.bakerthirteen.com, who is also at the same Farmers Markets where Ocean Prime is.

4.  Open the jar and pour into a sauce pan.  Add thawed Ocean Prime scallops.  Heat up the sauce and when it is heated to a light boil, both the sauce and scallops are ready for action.

5.  Cook up your favorite pasta, or you can also use spaghetti squash. (Cut the spaghetti squash in half, scrape out the seeds, then bake upside down at 350° for 40-45 minutes, depending on the size.  When the insides are soft, scrape out the insides of each half for guilt free pasta).

6.  Ladle the sauce and scallops over the pasta, add a bit of cheese and get ready to accept your rave reviews!!