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So I have been in the seafood sales business pretty much forever up in Seattle.  SALMON was and is a big deal up there.  Over the years I have tried many recipes for salmon.  Here is the best and easiest one I have found so far:

2-3 tbls   Butter (then melt) or olive oil (favored oil also works well.  I use rosemary)

1/2-1 tbls  Lemon juice

Baste the salmon with the mixture and then sprinkle with garlic salt.

Super simple and guaranteed to be “knock your socks off” good.  We had a customer last week that added honey to the top of her salmon.  Sounds good to me although I might put Italian Seasoning (and no garlic salt) in the butter/lemon juice to baste the salmon, then add the honey on top.  That should be awesome.

As with any fish, don’t overcook salmon.  On a sockeye portion (surprisingly, Ocean Prime sells these), figure 7-10 minutes cooking time.  I usually cut into the thick part of the salmon and if it looks about 3/4 cooked (still a bit raw), I pull it.  Undercooked great, overcooked UNACCEPTABLE.  As a customer of Ocean Prime Seafoods, you are expected to baby your salmon by hovering over it with a glass of wine in your hand.  Perfectly cooked salmon is worth all the hovering.

I should add that I usually BBQ my salmon at roughly 350 degrees, or you can bake it at about the same temperature.